Groove Roll

Grooved casting is our pride of better roll tonnage.

The original idea of solving different hardness outside and inside roll’s pass caliber by adding special cooling ring in chill mould to adjust heat transfer rate of the molten thus arriving at better hardness distribution.

Not only to receive more tonnage per caliber and stabilize tonnage per dressing, but also to accredit advantage of machining time reduction.

Final result is cost saving. Our GC takes less time in machine shop and provides more life tonnage.

At UCC, Groove roll is the roll from the process of grooved casting. Provided that cooling ring is inserted in the chill mould when pouring, the as cast piece comes out with grooves on it’s barrel.

Groove rolls are now widely used by most of our section mills customers especially those who produce Angle bar and Channel bar.

The finishing stand tonnage with our GC is significantly higher to one with grooved machining of plain casting.