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We are specialized in manufacturing of rolls for long product steel rolling mills. Such mills are bar and deformed bar mills, wire rod mills and section mills. We categorize our product in to Plain casting double support, Grooved casting double support and Ring roll cantilever support.

Our plain casting is achieved by static single pouring for general roll application and spinning duplex pouring for special application that needs dual material.

Grooved casting (GC) is our special product designed especially for roll with deep pass grooving where the inside hardness differs significantly from the outside hardness which normally results in low tonnage per dressing.

Our GC rolls give better tonnage and the performance is widely proven by many rolling mills in the region.

As for modernized rolling machines with vertical and horizontal rolling, Ring roll is in UCC line of product. We produce the Ring roll generally by static pouring and with spinning pouring when large hardness or large chill depth is required.

Groove Roll

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